CD-RW/DVD-RW On a Commodore?.

Imagine playing an adventure game on your Commodore in IFLI or UIFLI with digital sound. Currently possible, yes, but the storage requirements are so large for IFLI/UIFLI pictures and good quality digital sound and music that you'd need upwards of 10 floppies for a game of even moderate length. Now imagine being able to get such a game on a CD specially made for your Commodore. This media now makes available virtually unlimited storage capacity to the Commodore programmer so that he/she can use the highest end graphic and sound formats and not worry about having to fit it all on a reasonable amount of disks. (A standard CD holds 650 MegaBytes of data, the equivalent of 74 minutes of CD-quality music, or a whopping 1,927 double-sided 1541 disks! The newer 700MB/80-minute discs hold the equivalent of about 2,075 double-sided 1541 disks!!) Imagine what demos could do! Programs could even make use of audio tracks on the CD for full CD-quality sound and music!

[Picture of the HP CD-Writer 9600se]        .[Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R Drive]

The HP CD-Writer 9600se and Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R Drive. These are SCSI, but I'll be using IDE ones.
CMD Hard Drive owners CAN use SCSI CD and DVD drives, however!

With the help of the Hewlett Packard Company, I will be programming software that allows those with HP's CD-Writer series of drives (and anything compatible) to write their own CDs. When HP releases a (reasonably-priced) DVD-RW drive, I will update the software to support that line (if they wish to continue to work with me.) (The above Pioneer DVD-R drive is waay too pricey (like $5,400!) right now and is shown only as an example.)
I will of course write software compatible with most if not all (ATAPI) IDE CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives to run the program(s) on the written discs so that all a user has to do is insert the CD, then LOAD and RUN a program which will transfer control to the boot program on the CD. (An audio disc player feature will also be implemented.)

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