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The Renegade Programming Group was "born" in 1991, founded by Fubar, Wraith, Frumly, Dorian, and Warnock, and has been bringing you "Demos", Utilities, and NTSC/PAL fixes for use on the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 Personal Computers ever since. We are one of the few groups to survive more than ten years since our founding, and are one of the largest NTSC demo groups in existence today! We also are one of the few that still have BBSs! (see below)

A "Demo" in the traditional sense is essentially a demonstration program that shows off a certain ability of the computer, or a new programming technique or effect. Demos have developed into a hobby for many of our programmers (which explains some of their lazy attitudes!) and as such are more artistic rather than technologically advanced. This is true of most demos today, and so they are evaluated based on the overall quality of the finished production, and of course their enjoyability (which obviously varies from person to person.) A "Demo Scene" exists on just about every computer platform, but the Commodore 64 was one of the first, if not the first computer to have a Demo Scene. It began soon after the computer was first sold (about 1979 or so) and still grows today! If you have a particualr talent, or wish to learn one and want to become a part of the Commodore Demo Scene, feel free to E-Mail a member of any demo group (preferably ours.:) See the Links Page below.)

Welcome to our wonderful world, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Call Dream Factory, one of our Bulletin Board Systems at its new number:
(619) 593-9521, right now for some great demos and software!

The Board Report By Uzzy:     IS IT JUST ME OR IS THAT BOARD MOVING?...

DREAM FACTORY and FORTRESS OF DOOM have moved. DF's new number is above. FoD has already moved, God knows where, and is back up though I don't think anybody has the number at the moment. Dr. Doom was spotted on a few boards about a month ago though, so my brain tells me that he's at least partially active.

There was also a rumour of the mighty WestPoint returning.  The rumour was claimed quite a while back and, as such, stated that the board would be back up in November of 2000.  I haven't heard jack from it since, so I don't know.

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